Chicken Starter

I have prepared chilly chicken…It “s yummy 😋

Indian chilly chicken Recipe: I taken 1/2 kg boneless peace’s and washed with water then with termeric ,curd,lemon applied shake well again washed with water…

That chicken pieces applied with red chilly powder,termeric,garlic&gingerpaste,salt,chicken masala,jeera&coriender powder,mint,couriender leaves,Two tablespoon sunflower oil,curd mix well all and marinated 3hours…

Then taken corn flour ,2white eggs 🥚 ,ajinomotosalt and water mix it together chicken peaces …

The bowl kept on stove and pored some cooking oil to fry it… That chicken peace’s made deep fry into oil and kept into little dish

Then kept pan on stove.. Add garlic small peaces,green chilly peaces,capsicum,curry leaves,coriander leaves let it fry and add chilly sauce,Tomato sauce fry together mix fried chicken peaces and add little salt together garnished with mint leaves let it taste …wow Ready to serve it Yummy 😋

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