Absolutely Great HAIR oil πŸ’―

Coconut πŸ₯₯ oil
Castor oil
Hibiscus powder
Methi seeds powder
Aloe Vera Gel
Glass container to store hair oil

Great Hair Oil For Hair Grows,Black ,Volume & Shine:

Superb Hair oil made by me, obviously It prepared with common herbs ingredients at House …


1: coconut πŸ₯₯ oil 1/2 L

2: castor oil 100 ML

3: Almond oil 100 ML

4: Alovera Big stem

5: Hibiscus 🌺 Flower power 100 G

6: FenuGreek Seeds powder 100 G

Take an IRan Cauldron and Glass container …

Hair Oil Preparation:

hibiscus Flowers Make dry in sunlight and grind into Grinding stone… The FenuGreek seeds ( methi) make fry into dish on Stove and Grind into Grind stone Both powders taken into cups …

The Alovera Stem makes peel with knife both sides and Grind with mixer container , It made as Gel…

The Iron Kadai keeps on stove after heat it pore coconut πŸ₯₯ oil , custard oil make deep heat and add Hibiscus flower, Methi seed powder & aloe Vera Gel … It all together cooking During it make seems bubbles and until bubbles go off and prepared 20 minutes untill as the Hair oil … After makes cool an oil It stores into glass container , The ingredients go to down into container and hair oil comes up , It can store with out sunlight anywhere… The hair oil can store till 1year from manufacture date πŸ‘


βœ“ Coconut πŸ₯₯ oil has πŸ†’ huge kind of vitamins , minerals …

βœ“ Almond oil has protein, E , K vitamin and it helps grow long hair …

βœ“ castor oil helps to Grow up thick hair , especially it becomes black hair and gets shiny…

βœ“ Aloe Vera has huge benefits … It helps to clear dandruff & scalp infections, It helps to grow long, volume …The Aloevera can use as a conditioner to makes smooth hair

βœ“ Methi seeds powder helps to grow long , thick hair, It has herbal benefits like clear scalp infections, dandruff … The hair gets shiny …

βœ“ Hibiscus 🌺 flower benefits are reduce grey hair and becomes thick black hair…

inside IRON Kadai to makes oil to get Iron, minerals from hair routes it helps to be stoped white hair growing

βœ“ The hair oil with ingredients Literally wonderful… It helps scalp become very cool Folks can be gotten sleep peacefully…

I’m using the hair oil my hair is huge long, thick & black hair … I must say it”s absolutely wonderful hair oil πŸ†’

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