I visited DUBAI FRAME Architecture towards my holiday trip 2020 year January in Dubai

The Frame Work couldn’t be compared to any Architecture Frame, It “s world “s Record Frame and we can see some mesmerising views in attached tower … We can view all old Dubai and New Dubai from The tower …

The design was selected as the winner of the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award from 926 proposals… Participants from all over the world were invited to submit an emblem that would promote “the new face for Dubai”. It is near the StarGate of zabal park and stands at 150.24 m (493 ft) …and 95.53 m wide…

The ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award is an international architecture competition first held in 1988 and sponsored by one of the world’s leading elevator companies…An international panel of judges selected the winning idea from among 926 design proposals to create a Tall Emblem Structure for Dubai. The original jury consisted of 11 international architects — a former and current chairman of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the regional chairman of ThyssenKrupp Elevator.Dubai municipality’s director general and Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum were listed as ‘honorary’ jurors….

Donis’ design was ultimately selected, for which he won an AED 367329.70 ($100,000) prize…According to Donis, when designing the structure he saw Dubai as a city full of emblems and rather than adding another one, they proposed to frame them all: to frame the city. Instead of building a massive structure, the purpose of the proposal was to build a void of 150 meters by 105 meters to continuously frame the development of the past, current and future Dubai. To become the structure that celebrates yet constrains the city…

The Dubai Frame is created out of glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete. It is positioned in such a way that representative landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can also view older parts of the city✍️🔚

We can view the Frame during travel in car, bus and go any where It”s the highest tower …It seems golden frame Night time 🌈🖼

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