Pretty Ducks 🦩🎈 candid pics

There was the Birds Park in Hyderabad… Those Birds roaming and swinging very freely … The Ducks Names : 🦆 Flamingos 🦩 , Black Goose Duck, Swan white and some Kind of Ducks … It looks so beautiful 🦢🦆 They r eating some insects on ground and small fishes inside water…Folks were viewing the BirdsContinue reading “Pretty Ducks 🦩🎈 candid pics”

Butterflies 🦋🦋🦋

Colourful Butterflies: The Butterflies flying in Park especially That park in Ramoji Filmcity… It was displayed all kind of Butterfly Names , colours, seasonal Butterflies and some kind of huge Butterfly … How it will be change and Born from caterpillars 🐛 It seems mesmerising… I captured some live Butterflies pics inside Park Hence IContinue reading “Butterflies 🦋🦋🦋”