Everything You Need To Know About Malurus leucopterus White-winged Fairywren

1 | 7The adult male in its striking, breeding plumage is either dark blue or glossy black with white shoulder patches, and it has a mid to dark blue tail. The glossy black plumage is found on the subspecies edouardi, found only on Dirk Hartog and Barrow Islands off Western Australia, while the dark blueContinue reading “Everything You Need To Know About Malurus leucopterus White-winged Fairywren”

Stunning Galah Bird πŸ˜

The Galah bird known as the pink and gray cockatoo or Rose breasted cockatoo … The bird found out at Astralia …The three birds are so pretty pink and grey colour, Obviously stunning Birds inside the stem of tree 😍

Stellar”s Jay bird πŸ˜

Stellar”s Jay is a bird Native to western North America , the bird related to the blue Jay could found in the rest of the continent but it has black head and pretty wings … It is also known as a long crested Jay west of the Rocky Mountains .

Crowd birds & Lake view candid pic

I captured this candid pics while I walking , those birds crowd unexpected when ever I saw those birds I shooted amazing lack , hills& Birds πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ¦…