Mesmerising Resort beside Godavari River🤩🤩 pleasant experience 🏞

Godavari Road Bridge cum Railway Bridge in home town😍🤩

The Godavari seems mesmerising and Bridge way is very long an Asia, It is second longest bridge in The Asia and first longest bridge The India 🇮🇳 The pic is looking pleasant 😍😍❤️

Beach cum River in Karnataka 🌊🏞

The Maravanthe beach seems awesome it has beside river , Both are looking beautiful at the same place … The beach is 110 km away from Manglore state of Karanataka in INDIA 🇮🇳 folks can enjoy at this pleasant view 😍

Stunning Srisailam Dam of Krishna River water 💃💃

At present the initial inflows into Srisailam reservoir are stored excessively without using for power generation…The flood water fills the remaining empty Srisailam reservoir quickly and most of the flood water overflows into downstream NAGARJUNASAGAR reservoir without being used for power generation…The endeavor shall be to fill the Nagarjunasagar reservoir fully with the uniform waterContinue reading “Stunning Srisailam Dam of Krishna River water 💃💃”

Pleasant River 🤩 stunning Tree 🌳

Yep , mesmerising chill at River , Absolutely gorgeous White bunch of flowers and fruits Lemon 🍋🍋🍋 The Lemon fruits are yellow The bunch of flowers white, The River curves are grey, The Nature seems Pleasant. Written by Siva jyothi🤩🤩

Kona Seema Nature In INDIA 🇮🇳

The pics captured in my Native town at Kona Seema, The destination has loads of coconut 🌴 trees , lacks, Rice crops… The village formers are being work vegetables, fruits and lot of flower plants in the Lands… The Godavari River gives water to all lacks …formers are arranging water to crops through Lacks …Continue reading “Kona Seema Nature In INDIA 🇮🇳”