The Wise Mouse & Bouncy Tiger

On a dusty windy road in the middle of the countryside a wise mouse is walking. He carries everything he needs on his back and is happy and content. With each small step he breaths in really experiencing his surroundings, the fresh air and the beautiful rolling countryside. Suddenly out of seemingly nowhere a bouncyContinue reading “The Wise Mouse & Bouncy Tiger”

The Horse and The Butterfly a Moral Story✍️

Once upon a time there lived a sad and lonely Horse. It was a long time ago that his owner had died, and now no one visited our horse anymore. He so desperately wanted company, to join the other horses he could hear in the distance. Alas his field was fenced and there was noContinue reading “The Horse and The Butterfly a Moral Story✍️”

Kona Seema Nature In INDIA 🇮🇳

The pics captured in my Native town at Kona Seema, The destination has loads of coconut 🌴 trees , lacks, Rice crops… The village formers are being work vegetables, fruits and lot of flower plants in the Lands… The Godavari River gives water to all lacks …formers are arranging water to crops through Lacks …Continue reading “Kona Seema Nature In INDIA 🇮🇳”

Pretty Doll 🧍‍♀️👯‍♂️

The Dolls showing in my showcase… Those were purchased by me 10 years ago … The baby dolls have some story during I purchased but I don” t have time To write the story Right now…I will update soon folks 🤳👯‍♂️💃🧍‍♀️