Bunching onion stems 儭

Bunching Onions – Key Growing Information SCIENTIFIC NAME:Allium fistulosumCULTURE:Seed can be sown in early spring for summer use, and in July or August for fall and spring use. Bunching onions prefer a soil with a pH of 6.26.8. Extra-hardy varieties will normally survive the winter if the soil is well drained.DIRECT SEEDING:Sow 翹” apart inContinue reading “Bunching onion stems 儭”

Fall zinnia blossoms 儭

Zinnia flower seeds planted in every july will bloom through the fall宇rim back flowers and dead head to keep blooms growing longer屹innias grow in flower purple,orange,pink and white zinnias are easy to grow flower that prefer a sunny location and morning watering 屹innias are a great cutting flowers

Rouge Cardinal Clematis予儭 Rouge Cardinal Clematis has dark fuchsia to red petals with white anthers. It will grow to a height of 6′ to 10′ tall and 2′ to 3′ wide. Rouge Cardinal Clematis likes to be planted in the sun or partial shade. The color of the flowers will last longer if planted inContinue reading

Delicious Ravva Laddu and Recipe

ava ladoo is one of the easiest ladoo recipes which even a beginner can attempt with out any fear,it is not only easy but also is very tasty. There are few variations in the preparation process of these ladoos. In south India few house holds use freshly grated coconut and few do not use it,butContinue reading “Delicious Ravva Laddu and Recipe”

Long long ago culture Resort in Hyderabad 

The Brown town spa and convention visited for event In Hyderabad匈 captured some pics At locations, It seems like old culture architecture in villages宇he Resort was 20 km from Hi Tech City in Hyderabad奸iterally we remember to saw architecture those old days 35 years ago in villages The entire india states folks enjoying toContinue reading “Long long ago culture Resort in Hyderabad ”

Happy vinayaka chathurdhi 

May the power of Lord Ganesha, Destroy your sorrows, Enhance your happiness, And create goodness all around you! May Lord VighnaVinayaka, Remove all your obstacles, And visits you with luck! A very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! May the lord Vighna Vinayaka removes all obstacles & showers you with bounties.. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2022 Destroy your sorrows;Continue reading “Happy vinayaka chathurdhi ”

Dwarf Powder puff plant , Galaxy flowers 

This semi-tropical shrub grows to be about 3 feet talland features red buds that at first glance look like berries. Even better: They’ll attract humming birds and butterflies to your yard.

Mesmerising Glow worm / Fire fly 予

The glowworm needs food to live, so for six to nine months, it takes up fishing. The Fascinating Glowworm To catch them, the glowwormlets down a series of silken lines (sometimes as many as 70) from its hammock. However, the light at the end of the glowworm tunnel is not the hopeful sign an insectContinue reading “Mesmerising Glow worm / Fire fly 予”

Vitamin B12 Rich in these kind of vegetables

Vegetables Usually, most vegetables contain some amount of Vitamin B12, but there are some Vitamin B12 foods for vegetarians that contain a very high amount of Vitamin B12 namely- Spinach, Beetroot, Potatoes, Mushrooms, alfalfa, and others

Cuban oregano 予予

A plant with many names,, is commonly called Cuban Oregano and also bears the monikers Mexican Mint, Indian Borage, and Caribbean Oregano. This evergreen perennial works well in mixed beds, mass plantings, and as a ground cover. Its edible fragrant rounded leaves bear a terminal point, serrated margins, and a soft pubescence. The trumpet-shaped flowersContinue reading “Cuban oregano 予予”

Aquilegia Dorothy Rose

Unique flower display! Dorothy Rose flowers are quite distinctive as each one has several blooms set inside one another. These rose-pink flowers are held well above blue-gray foliage on dark stems that add to the appeal. Granny’s Bonnets have been around for centuries, but this lovely lady was introduced at Chelsea Gardens in 1999. MakesContinue reading “Aquilegia Dorothy Rose”

Butterfly pea flower benefits 儭

Clitoria ternatea or Butterfly pea of Ayurveda is a very common perennial vine that is native to tropical and equatorial regions but is now found even in other parts of the world. In this post, we will talk about butterfly pea uses, benefits and side effects. This creeper is herbaceous and requires very little care because of which itContinue reading “Butterfly pea flower benefits 儭”

Paneer corn cutlet Recipe yummy 

Corn Paneer Cutlet Share with your friends! RecipePaneer Cutlet is a delicious gluten-free, vegetarian snack. It has a mouth-melting texture with a perfect crunch of corn kernels. Serve it with green chutney, or a chilled yogurt dip, and you are set for a perfect teatime Ingredients RequiredA few basic pantry staples are required to makeContinue reading “Paneer corn cutlet Recipe yummy ”

Beautiful and Interesting Birds are in Nature 休扣

The birds long feathers maintain the bodys constant temperature; the forelimbs are winged, the hind limbs are walking, most of them can fly, the range of activities is wide, and some wings are degraded, but not flying, and the active area is relatively small. There are many types and numbers of birds, and they areContinue reading “Beautiful and Interesting Birds are in Nature 休扣”

Low price and market available fruit Guava of health benefits

Guavas are tropical trees originating in Central America. Their fruits are oval in shape with light green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds. Whats more, guava leaves are used as an herbal tea and the leaf extract as a supplement.  Guava fruits are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This remarkableContinue reading “Low price and market available fruit Guava of health benefits”

Pitanga fruit and leaves benefits 梗

The pitanga fruit is a rare and exotic fruit. This leaves are used for tea and the fruit is used for several recipes . It is known for its nutrient and preventing cold diseases

Yoga :Surya Namaskar benefits and instructions 儭儭

Surya Namaskar Currently, in this busy life of people, they are unable to give time to their body and a woman is very concerned about her beauty and her skin. And all women have a dream that her skin should be shiny, soft, and to get all these she spends a lot of money onContinue reading “Yoga :Surya Namaskar benefits and instructions 儭儭”